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Streets, Lanes, Roads and Avenues



 Reproduction Image Gringley houses at beacon end early 20th Century

Beacon end of High Street. (The houses here have all gone now) 

20200715 16374531437 Beacon corner RC

Similar view as above, 2020


Clark Hollingsworth Marglen 1949

1949. Marglen

Gringley Bank End 1891 William Hewitt left Charles Hewitt middle Copy Copy Copy Copy
1891. Bank End


Coronation 1911 children marching

1911. Coronation, 'children marching' (outside Ravenhill)


Cross Keys coloured


Needham Photograph Collection High Street Rennison Garage

 Rennisons Garage (now Buttercross Cottage, opposite the church).  In later years the garage and petrol station also accommodated a Spar Shop 


Hannah Horsley outside Holly Dean c1910 copy

1910. Hannah Horsley outside Holly Dene 


 Gringley Old Postcards High Street nr Beeches pre 1918

Outside North/South Beeches (left)

Sophia Gill at Gringley Kippax Cottage

Sophia Gill outside Kippax Cottage













Postcard Copy Gringley Horsewells 3R

C1910 ?

Horsewells Cottages 1905 1

The Horse Well and cottages


ATH Postcard Collection The Manse pre 1918

The Manse, now The Homestead (corner of Finkell Street and Horsewells Street) 



Gringley House and Lady Little Lane

Jasmine Cottage 1910? 

Veg stall little lane
Jasmine Cottage, 2020


Gringley Tuck Sepia Old Postcards Heidi Little Lane




Welchman Gringley Little Lane Sunnybank c1980Sunnybank 1980s (now Sunnybank Cottage)


Gringley Lilleywhite Photos 3 
Finkell Street, Sunnybank on the right of the photo. C1920s


Needham Photograph Collection Finkle Street Sheep on Road

Sheep on Finkell Street (courtesy Michael Needham)


1 and 2 Finkell Street1? 1 and 2 Finkell Street (corner of Finkell Street/Horswells Street)


Cottages on Finkell StcroppedR Finkell Street, 2020



Finkle Street Michael Needham

 Appleton House Farm to the left of the photo 
courtesy of Michael Needham




Work began on the by-pass in the early 1930s.  It was completed by 1939/1940.   During the war years only one half of the dual carriageway was opened.  The one side was used for storing tanks.  Prior to the by-pass being completed the route from Bawtry to Gainsborough would have taken travellers along Gringley High Street.


The Green Gringley from dorothy Version 2

Fields and pond where the dual carriageway now runs. View from the Beacon towards Clayworth


Gringley Lilleywhite Photos 15

The Green before the dual carriageway was constructed.  Beacon Hill seen in the background to the right of the photo




















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